Job Order #1995

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Posted Date: 3/5/2013
Job Category: Distribution Center
Position Title: OKC Order Processor
Salary Range:
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Desired Skills:

Warehouse located on Reno, between Meridian and MacArthur. Monday- Friday, Full time with incentive program.  



Responsible for processing customer orders, which may include but is not limited to, restocking inventory, accurately pulling product and packaging for timely shipment. Verify that orders have been fulfilled completely and accurately, and notify the supervisor on duty when discrepancies arise.


• Report to Order Allocation area for assignment of pre-sorted orders, and check for any special instructions.
• Upon arrival at product location, input/scan in data requested on scan gun, including CD, container, sku number and quantity.
• Place applicable paperwork inside the appropriate boxes, and properly mark multi-box orders.
• To complete order, scan container code on label of box to assign, and place on middle conveyor; push completed order to end of aisle.
• Responsible for proper “packing” and accurate “labeling” of product.
• Hand-deliver all Priority marked orders to Manifest area.
• At the end of each shift, restock, organize and clean all packing stations if necessary.
• Prepare boxes on cart for orders; follow established travel pattern of pick sequence for maximum performance.
• Responsible for marking orders accordingly (small un-marked products, MSDS flagged, Ship Alone that goes with multi-line orders).
• When Prime location or handpick is empty fill out a Reserve Ticket, complete rest of order and stage cart in the appropriate area.
• When all assigned orders are complete and accurate, deliver the cart to conveyor. If productivity number is called, report to QC and adjust any errors immediately and accordingly.
• Keep shelves and aisles clear of empty boxes and trash; Assist in the daily cleanup of warehouse.
• Attend team and department meetings as required.
• Immediately report any unsafe working conditions.
• Assist other positions and/or duties as directed by Management.
• Punctual and regular attendance is a job requirement.
• Other duties assigned as needed.
• Expected to maintain 100% inventory accuracy.
• If goals and objectives are not met in the designated time, re-evaluation and discipline up to and including termination may occur.


• High School Diploma or GED required.

• Ability to excel in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to read, count and write.
• Ability to move and handle merchandise weighing 0-125lbs. Ability to lift up to 50lbs, and up to 125 lbs with assistance.

Typical Physical Demands:
• Requires prolonged standing, bending, stooping. Frequently reaching overhead with arms and hands, feeling, fingering, grasping, and repetitive wrist movement. Requires normal range of hearing and requires being able to see small writing at a limited distance. Ability to climb and descend ladders frequently. Subject to cold and hot temperatures.
Testing required:
• Number Accuracy (timed).

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