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Posted Date: 2/4/2014
Job Category: Business Staff
Position Title: Summer Business Analyst
Location: Redmond, WA
Desired Skills:

Job Title: Summer Business Analyst

Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company, is a mineral exploration startup located in the Seattle area.  We are looking for one or more passionate students for paid 12-week engagements as Summer Business Analysts.  Exceptional candidates will be pursuing an MBA or equivalent Masters-level degree in management science, although undergraduates or those with unconventional but compelling paths may also be considered.


The vision of Planetary Resources is to identify, prospect and mine near-Earth Asteroids in order to commercially expand humanity’s economic sphere of influence.  We are backed by some of the premier names in the world, including Larry Page and Eric Schmidt from Google, Charles Simonyi from Microsoft, and Ross Perot Junior.  The team is rapidly developing innovative, cost-effective space exploration and mining technologies that both support our long-term mission and address near-term market needs.


We seek top-notch students who possess experience in some of the following:

·         Market research, competitive analysis, and business modeling

·         Financial modeling, specifically as applied to quantitative project assessments and decision making

·         Business intelligence and experience developing key analytics-driven initiatives and tracking

·         Industry knowledge within the aerospace, remote sensing, oil, and/or mineral/mining industries founded on working experience

·         Strong analytical skills or engineering background resulting in comfort working closely with engineering teams

·         Ability to translate and communicate technical capabilities with partners, customers, and executives that vary in their degree of sophistication

·         Entrepreneurial flexibility to support a wide array of unanticipated needs


Applicants should expect a hands-on, intense and dynamic work environment.  Previous work experience, research, and/or student team project involvement related to your discipline is desired.  Planetary Resources provides a unique and intimate work environment where you will work alongside our experienced staff and can make an immediate impact on our company objectives.  Join us in changing the way we commercially explore the solar system!


Applicants must be eligible for employment within the United States of America.

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